Basic Business Guide

IF there where no risk in business, non would be servant, and non master. Every business opportunity comes with risk, which you don't need to avoid, but learn how to take both the risk and the opportunity.

Do you think you can not do better and be better in your financial life?
We think and know you can. But how, how can this be when you know not what to do.
Don't panic, we are here to guide you.
Do you know there is risk in everything? did you say yes? Oh yes, there is, but remember: No Panic.
Some risk are not worth taking, All risk are not for you to take. Get these into your head, okay?
So What are you suppose to do? Keep reading and you will soon find out.

  • Have you found or seen an opportunity you had like to take?
  • What will you gain from this deal, or opportunity? ( be careful with flashy deals)
  • Have you found any risk involved?
  • What are your likely losses if all things don't work according to plan? (find out)
  • If you take these opportunity, what are the likely challenges you may face?
  • How can these challenges be handled without it leading to failure of business? (Plan how)
  • Have you decided to take thise opportunity?
  • If you don't take these opportunity, what will you lose?

When the above questions are properly answered, and the answers used properly, the probability of a business failure is almost eliminated.

Everyone has the right to be rich and financially free, but only a few are. many who are poor today, or do not have enough, are because of : fear of failure, inability to see opportunities, carefree with opportunities, greed which takes one into the hand of frausters, inappropriate attention to the queestions above, and a wrong answer to any of the above questions.

How about oppression, marginalization and other polical causes of porverty? Good question we accept such as some of the causes of porverty around the world. But …
I learnt these from Dr Benjamin Carson (in his book: "take the risk")
He said ask yourself these questions, before the action.

  • What is the best thing that will happen if I …
  • What is the worst thing that will happen if I …
  • What is the best thing that will happen if I don't …
  • What is the worst thing that will happen if I don't …

The above I belive depict the meaning of what Dr Ben. Carson wrote in this book named above.
I recommend you find it, and buy a copy for your life. It is worth more than the price.
Now, On to: Basic business steps

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