Business Ideas

Why don't you write an article and start blogging on the following disciplines: There are also alot of sub sections and areas under these disciplnes you may wish to focus your blog or newsletters. Yes, you most not do only blogging or content offer on a website or a blog. In fact, the newsletter industry is making billions daily one adverts in their newsletters. The reason you might start with blogging or website content offer is cost. Website and blog articles can cost you nothing, but a good newsletter that will gnerate a professional standard, may require some payment from you. Do you know of any one which is free? Please let us know by a post at the forum. Ones you register with us, you will be allowed by the system to create web pages, so you can place your adverts there and easily refer friends from the forum.

Business Ideas Business Ideas
Accountant Association Management Service
Adventure Tourism Art Restoration
Advertising Agency Assembling Products
Advertising Copywriter Art Restoration
Advertising Maps Artist Management
Advertising Sheets Art Gallery
Advertising Specialty Sales Freelance
Aerobics Classes Art Consultant
Amusement Rides, Inflatable Architect
Animal Behavior Consultant Appliance Repair
Answering Service Apiary
Antifreeze Recycling Services Apartment Locator
Antique and Collectibles Dealer Antique Book and Magazine Dealer
Astrological Charts Attorney
Author Auto Sales
Business Network Organizer Business Broker

Business Ideas Description of Business
1. Recharge card printing: You contact any of the contrators, of the different network operators, and discuss cost with them. You pay and they allow you to generate recharge card pins and also print them from their software, without leaving your house. You may buy a recharge card worth N 100 @ N 85 from then, you sell it as you want. Name of operator will be out soon, so you can reach the without pain.
2. Seminar presenting and Hosting: You get a very interesting and important topic, research it, and then send out flyers or hand bills bearing the seminar name, time, date and venue and any other thing.
3: Seminar hosting: you meet with people or groups that have a very important information to sell and are good in presenting seminars. Do the organization, collect the payment from participants and pay the presenters, as agreed.
4. Seminar Presenting: You research a good and interesting topic and when you are ready, you look for sb to pay you for presenting it.
5. Network Marketing: More information on this later
6. Laundry and dry cleaning(one): You offer people or families laundry service by doing the washing and ironing yourself.
7. Laundry and dry cleaning(two): Operate as a laundry person, or get jobs, and give them to real laundry persons at a price that favours you.
8. Fish farming : you grow fishes and sell than for consumption Cat fish is in demand and you may consider it.
9. Poultry farming(egg production and sales of chicken): Feed your birds with feeds that will stimulate early production /laying of eggs. When they lay eggs no more or when egg laying is very much reduced you sell them.
10. Poultry farming: (You buy chickens, grow them with feeds for Growth and sales only) You can rear them and sell them for consumption without given them feeds that stimulate egg production.

Yes you can research on any topic here, get a feasible way of doing any of them, and make of your research result, an ebook, and even me may stumble on your work, knowing or not knowing you got the knowledge partly from here, and will buy it. It is a nice thing to see opportunities in each of these topics here. Take just one idea at a time, develop it and then take another. Blind minded people may not know how useful these ideas are, until a friend makes a furtune from them.

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