Business Ideas: An Opportunity

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Business Ideas Business Description
11. Procuremetn/Supplier: Be a supplier of food items or drinks o hotels and restaurants around you. Do not feel that they already have suppliers. Yes they do and are also accepting new suppliers. It mabe garri or red oil or yam or anything. Just stand up now and start the plan.
12. Barber and hair cutting: Learn how to cut people’s hair and start up your mega barbing saloon with other great and business oriented barbers if you want. You can optionally ake it a barbers' quarter, invite barbers without a shop and have your comission.
13. Real estate (one): Purchase land and good architecture generously and wisely use the land for your real estate plan, the build and let or sell the houses
14. Real estate (two): Purchase land with house on it, the let or resell the house.
15. Transportation (1): Learn how to ride a motor cycle, purchase a motor cycle and start up your motor cycle business. Purchase even more as you make money and give them to people you see the passion for business in.
16. Transportation (Bike 2): As an employee working, purchase a motorcycle or motorcycles, give it either on high purchase or daily pay as you may find out. Receive your payments daily or as arranged and pay it straight into your bank account. Go on and start it.
17. Transportation (3): Learn how to drive a car, purchase either a car or mini-bus and start up your transport business.
18. Transportation (4): Purchase buses and or cars, employ drivers and start up your mega transport company.
19. Purchase and Sale of share: Buy shares of companies with a good management/business record. Buy the shares especially whrn it falls and sell when it rises. You may also buy as the share rises and sell when it is still risin; just be very careful and calculative. Study the market forces like; Bonuse, share quartetly report or dividends per share. Towards the year end of a particular company, the share price usually rise if the quarterly reports were good. So be careful as the price may fall there after the dividend is been decleared and paid.
20. Restaurant (Mama Put): You can start up a restaurant (mama put) business. You do not need to look for big buildings. Just find a place closer to potential customers e.g. you may reside at industrial ares like transamadi in port Harcourt, Nigeria or close to sea port like that in onnee and port Harcourt. This will help you have many casual staff workers who are not fed by their company. Good luck.
21. Snail farming: There are so many people presenting seminars on snail faring in Nigeria, so have no excuse if you reside in Nigeria. Snail is in high demand.
22. Retailing: You may buy food items and retail them in community markets or however you desire.

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