Entrepreneeur's Best Practice

Building a business should never be considered a cookie-cutter process, what worked for Jack may not work for you, and what is going to work for you may not work for Jack.

This is why even doing a direct sales or MLM business will not work if you take it out of the box and run it like the other person. Any type of business requires an insertion of your own personality and flair. There are 20 areas to consider as you launch into this discovery process of creating your business or even re-inventing what you already have been working with.

  • Set a vision
  • Value All
  • Descipline
  • Professionalism
  • Commercial Orientation
  • Partner with trusted companies.
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Creation & Development
  • Road Map (Goals)
  • Personal Branding
  • Website/Internet
  • Product Development
  • Navigating Social Media
  • Newsletter/E-Zine Creation
  • Marketing
  • Media Training
  • Re-Invention
  • Branding or re-branding
  • Becoming the Expert
  • Motivation

The key is to make it your business, unique to you, define what sets you apart from the competition. Those who master these will win, those who do not will lose.

Now On to: The Art Of War For Executives. By Donald G. Krause.

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