Entrepreneur 101::Be Your Boss

The word entrepreneur is said to have originated from Frence. An Old French word, entreprendre meaning to undertake.

An entrepreneur, from this point of view, is one who: organizeses, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.

Must an entrepreneur be unemployed?
No, an entrepreneur must not be unemployed, but you should be awere that the more time you put in a thing, the more you are likely to get from it. Ask yourself what is best in your situation, and find out how much time the job requires of you.
The issue of been self employed is a matter of great concern also, because you may not get the best out of your business if you combine a job that takes much of your time with your entrepreneurship life.

Self Employed: Means Earning income directly from one's own business, trade, or profession rather than as a specified salary or wages from an employer. That means your salary at the end of the month is not certain. This in itself is a great risk. So how can one undertake such a risk? It is completely unreasonable to take a risk like resigning from your job, just because you want to be an entrepreneur, your boss, without enough determination and strategic business plan.

There’s no secret recipe for guaranteed longevity in the business world. It takes a ton of hard work, a commitment to a strategic plan and a team of hard-working employees to make your dream a reality. But perhaps the biggest ingredient for future relevancy is the design and institution of a progressive company culture.

Building a business should never be considered a cookie-cutter process, what worked for Sam may not work for you. What you are doing as an entrepreneur, is to creating a large cash flow.

Some leadership skill you must not forget are: Be Proactive, Seize the day, Move your competitors, think win-win, value your staff, reward good work, develope personels, listen to clients, be professional. Before you arrive in the market, or society, there may be a similar service or product already in operation. So It is not how fast you do it, it is how well you do it.
Now On to: Building a Strong Business.

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