Executive Strategy

Sun Tzu's Principle of Success, and the essentials of Sun Tzu's wisdom are captured in ten short principles, by Donald G. Krause.

  1. Learn to fight
  2. Do it right
  3. Expect the worst
  4. Burn the bridges
  5. Pull together
  6. Show the way
  7. Know the facts
  8. Seize the day
  9. Do it better
  10. Keep them guessing.

Source: Back cover;
Sun Tzu The Art Of War For Executives.
By: Donald G. Krause

This text is rich with professional executive strategies. For me, it worth is more than the price. I recormmend you buy a copy for yourself, and carefully read through it.

Start by writing a business plan, the direction you wish to go and how.

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