Marketing Strategies

It is one thing to have an idea, and develop or build it. However marketing it, is also as important as a good idea and development itself. Millions of other users of the world wide web (WWW) are out there offering the world the same or a similar thing as you do. These people are your competitors. Recall what Donald G. Krause said on executive strategy , the first thing he mention was "learn to firght." I know alot of you have wondered what that meant. Your competitors can ruin your entire business, if you don't know how to fight them. So first learn to fight.

If you don't let people know what you do or have, or tell people what you do, than you shall watch your website maybe with a few who may just stumble upon it. Be out there, be visible, be the expert. You need visibility and publicity as you needed the ideas, the strategies, and the development. You can take from a simple example, that you are more likely to buy a product you see on the television(Tv) every day, when you go shopping, than the product you have not seen before.
So why not make people decide to give your product a trial, just because they have often seen it at online discussion groups, communities, search results, or even on porpular websites and social network communities.

Since you have chosen a business idea like the followings and even more, as are listed on the BUSINESS IDEAS ,
• Write articles
• Write books/e-books
• Social media marketing
• Get listed as the “expert” on self-help websites
• Create groups in your social networking platforms
• Videos on the internet
• Public speaking
• Social Bookmarking

Remember, Marketing today does not require you to have print media, ads in papers or on billboards. The New Marketing today is primarily based on internet exposure; yes the worldwide web is the tool of choice in today’s market.
Your potential clients or customers will search the web for their services or products and if you are there (in the first 2 pages) of the search result, you get new business & exposure.

So how can you boost your online presence? How make your page appear in more search results and on at the the first two pages of search result? It is easy but you need still a determination to do it. Have an account with at least all of the followings,
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Digg
• Delicious
• Windows Live Listing
• Google Listing
• Self-Growth
• Holistic Articles
• EZine Articles

Join as many groups as you can, day after day, at the various places above, say as much as you can about your services and product, and give yourself some time before the result burst success pave your way.

Goodluck and please take a look at: Developing a Social-Media Marketing Strategy

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