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Some paid survey companies that give out cash and some other incentives are :
Incentives (Cash/Other)

What is the panel?
The panel is comprised of a group of individuals from around the world who have agreed to give their opinions on a wide variety of topics, ranging from social and healthcare issues to fashion and food. To join our web panel, you must be 18 years or older and have access to the Internet. You will be contacted via e-mail when we conduct a survey for which you may qualify.

How do I get paid?
This will depend upon the type of incentive offered for each individual study. All entrants who participate in a Survey which offers a cash incentive, who meet the qualification for that survey, and who fully complete the survey will be given credit in the amount of the incentive for that survey which will be placed in their account. Funds will be held in the account until a total of $25.00 is accumulated or for a period of six months, whichever comes first. At that time a check will be issued for the total amount due, which will be sent to the respondent at the address provided in their personal profile. However, should the incentive for that survey be a prize drawing instead of cash, the winning respondents will be notified by email and the prize drawing is sent via courier to the address provided in their personal profile.

Do I need to fit a certain "profile" to take surveys successfully?
While your "profile" is one of the most important factors that will determine the type and number of survey invitations you receive, there is no such thing as a "good" or "bad" profile. Each and every person simply has a different profile, as everyone in the world is a little different. While you profile might exclude you for one survey, it will include you in many more. Our Survey Profiling system is designed with several “Profile Sections” (i.e. Employment information, Personal Technology, Household shopping etc.). The more information you provide the better your chances of being selected for a survey. The Profile Manager provides you with the ability to ensure this information is complete and up-to-date. You will be able to determine at a glance which profiles have been completed and which remain.

Are there any surveys that don’t give cash or a prize?
All our regular surveys pay cash incentives or enroll you in a drawing for a prize. The only times we do not provide an incentive are for the following:
The User Profile that you fill out when you register to become a panelist.
“Survey Profile” questionnaires, which we use to help us identify which participants to invite to certain surveys.
Our weekly poll – located on the home page.
Project Qualification questionnaires – These are short questionnaires that we send out to our panelists to determine whether they are eligible to receive an invitation to a particular survey. These Project Qualification questionnaires are similar to the Survey Profile questionnaires dealing specifically with issues pertaining to a particular survey. Those that qualify are sent an invitation to participate in the survey. For more about this company, go to: My survey

Other Survey companies are: e-Research-Global | SurveyLion.Com | YouGovsiraj.Com | IthinkInc.Com

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