e-Research-Global does not charge you to become a member.

As a member of the Panel you will have the opportunity to take online and off-line surveys, participate in focus groups and test new products. Your participation will assist decision makers improve the quality of their products and services.

When you are selected and participate in a study, you will receive cash sent to you using PayPal. If you live in the USA you also have the option of receiving a check. To join the Panel please complete the registration form below. Participants must be 13 years or older to join the Panel. All participant information will be confidential. panel members can control their profiles and participation through the use of registration web pages. Panel participants can edit their panel background information at any time and may permanently opt out at any time. panel member compensation will be based on participation in each study. You will never have to pay any money to be a member. Membership is not limited to one person per household. If more than one person per household fills out the Registration Form, they must have a unique email address or we will only accept the first person that filled out a form.

Payment for completing an online web survey honestly, depends upon a number of things. In our case, our clients determine who by selected characteristics (female or male for example) will be interviewed depending upon their needs. We then select people with these characteristics, for example, those that have bought a new computer in the last year. We do market research for academics and businesses. If you wish to make regular money completing survey questionnaires, go to this link - and find the links to doing surveys. Many of these companies pay for taking surveys on a regular basis. Therefore, you have more chances of being selected. We, at eRG, strongly recommend you sign up only for companies that require NO fees to join. Companies that charge fees to join are in the fee collection business rather than the survey research business. Remember, paying a registration fee usually means the company makes it money on fees not surveys. A reputable company charges no fees to sign up for surveys. If there is a company that asks you to pay, do not register with them.

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